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The Poets' Grimm

This wide-ranging collection features the work of more than 100 poets. Here is the modern poets' response to the classic Brothers Grimm stories, spanning the 20th century with passion, style, wit, and wonder.

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Praise for
The Poets' Grimm

"If you care to revisit those dark Germanic woods and re-experience the traumas of your first exposure to stories, you could hardly wish for better guides than the poets gathered in the cottage of this anthology. Cinderella, Rapunzel, Snow White—they're all here, dusted off and freshened through revision. The Poets' Grimm welcomes you back to childhood with a sly modernist twist."
   — B I L L Y   C O L L I N S

"The Poets' Grimm holds the magic mirror up to familiar tales and shows us that marvels lie hidden in the folds of a single story. Here be the mercy of witches, the cruelty of princes, the patience of stepsisters. Teachers, poets, and lovers of fairy tales will rejoice in the publication of this book."
   — N A N C Y   W I L L A R D,
   author of Things Invisible to See

"The Poets' Grimm, superbly edited by Jeanne Marie Beaumont and Claudia Carlson, is a 'must read' for anyone interested in fairy tales and poetry. Not only have Beaumont and Carlson produced the most comprehensive selection of fairy-tale poems of the twentieth century, they have also selected the very best poems and organized them according to themes that indicate significant cross connections and major debates about the meanings of the tales. This book is a treasure of innovative versions of the classical fairy tales that will enchant readers and make them think about the profound hold that fairy tales have on us. The Poets' Grimm will strengthen this hold and clearly further our compelling fascination with fairy tales."
   — J A C K   Z I P E S, editor of
    The Oxford Companion to Fairy Tales

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