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The Mary Shelley Opera
Miniature by Reginal Easton [Bodleian Library, Oxford]
Credits for the New Opera Mary Shelley
by Allan Jaffe and Deborah Atherton

Composer: Allan Jaffe
Libretto: Deborah Atherton
Designer: Stephen Hannock
Description: Two acts, 14 scenes; set in England, Switzerland, and Italy in the early years of the 19th Century
Length: One hundred and twenty minutes
Musical Forces: Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, French Horn.
The Cast: Mary Shelley (mezzo)
Mary ages in the opera from sixteen to twenty-three; she is beautiful, serious, romantic.
  Percy Shelley (tenor) (doubles as Victor Frankenstein)
Percy is in his early twenties, handsome, graceful, intensely passionate in his beliefs.
  Monster (bass)
The Monster is towering, intimidating, large in body and spirit.
  Byron (baritone)
Byron is young, handsome, agile but for his club foot; more playful than either Mary or Percy.
  Claire (soprano)
Claire is pretty, sharp, sardonic, critical rather than creative.
  Harriet (soprano)
Harriet is attractive, but not bright; resigned to having to compete for attention.
  Mr. Godwin (bass-baritone)
Mr. Godwin is middle aged, substantial, always impecunious; enjoys the role of philosopher and wise man.
  Mrs. Godwin (soprano)
Mrs. Godwin is a shrew, anxious for the advancement of her own children. She cherishes an intense dislike of Mary.
  George (tenor)
George is a friend of Victor Frankenstein.
Plays Mary as a child and Mary’s son Percy.
Musical Style: American music, with roots in jazz, blues, and European classical music. Requires singers and instrumentalists comfortable in all traditions.

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